Master Your Timing / mp3 Training Collection


EVERY instructor, EVERY dancer uses timing! Master Your Timing – this is absolutely essential!
Product Description: 10 individual mp3 files featuring the congas, clave, bass, and voiceovers of counting the timings which are popular and re-gaining popularity in the Salsa world! Each audio file is 320kbps – and each is a duration of exactly 02:47min (two minutes and forty-seven seconds); each begins and ends with a short Mambo section to help in easily finding the groove.
Important: If you’re an instructor, this Master Your Timing is PERFECT for you, too! We cover seven unique timings: Salsa On2, Classic Mambo, Mambo En Clave, Gung-Gung (Conga syncopation), On Clave and its variations – both Con Cinco and Sin Cinco. Instructors use timing at congresses, festivals, and regular studio lessons; students of all levels use timing – and now we’ve put this together to share with YOU and make your teaching, training, and dancing much more effective!
How this happened:
Captain Salsa has been teaching for more than 28 years – and I (La Época) have been teaching for more than sixteen; what we’ve noticed along the way is how our students develop so quickly when consistent, clear, and proper TIMING is applied! We’ve tested so many theories and methods – and at last, it was isolating and focusing on Salsa’s core instruments (the congas, clave, and the bass) which made the learning, training and teaching process much, much more effective! And now, we want to share this with YOU!!
So, I went into the recording-studio with select musicians from the orchestras of Tito Puente, Johnny Pacheco, and Machito – and then mastered each track and isolated each instrument for clarity and precision! Then, I invited Captain Salsa to record his voice counting out the timing – and I recorded my own; so, now, you can hear two different vocal/dynamic interpretations of each of the timings! Do you dance Salsa On2? Do you dance Classic Mambo – or want to practice your timing? THIS is for you!!!



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