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Salsa Lady Styling

E x p r e s s    Y o u r s e l f

Many times
women come to me
with such problems:

I don’t known what to do

when I dance with a partner

And I don’t known what to do

when a partner gives me space to do something alone

I don’t known what to do

with my hands

I don’t known how to

use my hips

I don’t known to how to

use lady styling choreography which I have learned at dance classes

I want to

feel sexy and express my self while dancing

Hearing all that questions I’ve decided to help women. I created my online course which will help to solve all that problems!

Who is Captain Salsa?

Salsa Vice-Champion of the World

Salsa Polish Champion, Mambo Polish Champion, choreographer, dancer, trainer and teacher.
Choreographer for the You Can Dance programs in Poland and in Ukraine, choreographer for Dancing with the Stars and Factory of Stars.
Dancer in Polish romantic comedy "Love and Dance" and in spectacle Dali at Sopocki Teatr Tańca.
Lecturer at the Academy of Independent Theatre Gdynia. The precursor of Salsa in Poland. He is the artistic director and founder of the most advanced – and one of the biggest salsa schools in Poland - Salsa Kings -

Captain Salsa has been teaching for 27 years.

He has helped many dancers to bring out their potential. He has a unique approach to people and style of teaching. He is not only a great dancer but talented and charismatic teacher with incredible ease of transferring knowledge to his student.

Your Benefits From Online Training

Probably you saw many videos with salsa for women?
What I prepared is a coherent learning system that will guide you through the entire process of learning step by step to get the results you expect!

You will learn how to:


not to think about steps

and feel good while dancing

open up

and overcome shy

expose your feminine power

and sex appeal

get your self-confidence


express yourself


what moves to perform on the dance floor

when you dance solo and in the couple

choose steps and figures

to feel good on the dance floor

You will get proven techniques for arms, hips, body movement.
Think what will happen when you use the knowledge. Ready to action?

I want to join the course!

How the course is build?

Salsa Lady Styling - Express Yourself ONLINE COURSE contains technique videos and ready to use choreography all packed in easy to learn parts. Almost 4 hours of knowledge, more than 60 video materials, divided into 4 chapters. Every chapter concentrates on a different area.


Hips (two parts , 23 videos)

Chapter 1

Orange technique (two parts, 11 videos)

Chapter 2

Arms (3 parts, 16 videos)

Chapter 3

Express yourself (9 videos)

Chapter 4

Bonus - 5 extra gifts!

Chapter 5

Demo Version

Part 1

Intro 1:55

Use my experience and dance codes and develop much faster. What was unavailable to you now thanks to the cooperation with me will be easy to achieve in a short time.

Lesson 1: Hips from leg to leg 4:28

Now, simply moving the weight from foot to leg will be very easy and sexy.

Lesson 2: From leg to leg faster tempo 4:05

You will remember a better if you repeat this exercise faster

Lesson 3: Hips transfer with Tap 3:02

This exercise will be very important when you will dance a CBL (Cross Body Lead)

Lesson 4: Hips transfer Tap and CBL 4:31

The same steps that you dance with your partner, you have to dance alone. Use tap in CBL (Cross Body Lead)

Lesson 5: Tap plus CBL medium tempo 2:55

Dance to faster music. Repeat until effective

Lesson 6: Chasse 4:27

In this video, you will learn the Chasse step. Focus on the hips.

Lesson 7: Chasse faster tempo 4:05

The same to the faster music.

Lesson 8: Sidestep in basic step 3:07

Side step in salsa basic step. Popular step for the party.

Lesson 9: Side step in CBL 3:07

Add Side step after CBL (Cross Body Lead). Exaggerate the movement of the hips.

Lesson 10: Side basic step 4:52

Popular step for the party. Exaggerate the movement of the hips. This step will give you many options in combination with your hands.

Lesson 11: Cha cha cha in basic step 4:29

This step will be useful not only in Salsa  but also in cha cha cha

Lesson 12: Cha cha cha in CBL 4:21

Add cha cha step after CBL (Cross Body Lead)

Part 2

Lesson 13: Circle in basic step 4:58

I will check your skill now. It will be a challenge. Do not give up!

Lesson 14: Circle in CBL 4:52

Add circle and head after CBL

Lesson 15: Circle second option in basic step 4:51

Change now the direction and weight of the body.

Lesson 16: Circle second option in CBL 3:52

Now add CBL

Lesson 17: Double circle in CBL 3:52

Add sex appeal and make two circle with your hips

Lesson 18: Circle after right turn in CBL 4:27

Level up and add CBL plus simple right turn

Lesson 19: Circle after right turn second option 6:00

Add after simple right turn circle second option

Lesson 20: Clave in basic step 3:58

This step is the heart of salsa. You must learn it. Do not give up!

Lesson 21: Clave in CBL 3:59

Now add CBL

Part 3

Lesson 22: Choreography just hips 5:07

You can dance these choreographies solo and with a partner. In the next section, you’ll add the hands work.

Part 1

Intro 0:41

Thanks to this technique, your hands will dance as you want. Use orange or small ball.

Lesson 23: Wrist and forearm 6:09

Feel the weight in your hand because it is very important for your muscles. Precision is the most important

Lesson 24: Arm to the side 3:49

Arm to the side with an orange. Feel weight in your hands and be relax.

Lesson 25: Roll an orange to the side and front 7:31

Important – be relax and precise

Lesson 26: Roll an orange from your hips 5:38

Precision is the most important and relaxing. Repeat the exercise with or without an orange.

Lesson 27: Roll an orange to your neck 3:53

Now use your neck. It will be a pleasure both for you and for your partner 🙂

Part 2

Lesson 28: Loosen your arms to the front 1:55

Relax your hands and train to achieve precision

Lesson 29: Loosen your arms to the front level 2 2:54

Now grasp the orange and loosen your hands forwards

Lesson 30: Loosen your arms throw down 3:24

Now prepare your hands to throw your hands down

Lesson 31: Loosen your arms throw up 4:25

Now prepare your hands to throw your hands up

Lesson 32: Loosen your arms throw up level 2 3:32

Now in the second version

Part 1

Intro 0:56

Your hands will add you sex appeal. A few words from me

Lesson 33: Prepare your basic step 2:10

Add a flick or tap in your basic step

Lesson 34: Basic step drill 2:57

Train until you gain confidence

Lesson 35: Transfer weight – hand to the side 3:05

Lead your hand out of the elbow. It is important

Lesson 36: Transfer weight – hand to the side second option 3:14

Now second option

Lesson 37: Transfer weight – hand up 3:16

Lead your hand out of your elbow and keep your hands relaxed very close to your body

Lesson 38: Transfer weight – hand up second option 2:55

Now second option

Lesson 39: Transfer weight – hand up third option 3:34

Now third option:)

Lesson 40: Hand up and side in basic step 3:48

Add Salsa Basic Step

Lesson 41: Hand side and up second option 3:48

Dance like a partner in a closed frame

Lesson 42: Both hands up and side in basic step 3:44

Use your arms at the same time up and to the side

Lesson 43: Both hands up and front 3:40

Use your arms at the same time to the front and to the side

Part 2

Lesson 44: Clave 3:08

This will be an interesting challenge. The heart of Salsa plus hands

Lesson 45: Circle 3:24

Sexi circle plus hands

Lesson 46: Cha cha cha 3:31

Cha cha cha steps plus arms

Part 3

Lesson 47: Choreography 5:05

Choreography which we already know, but we now add hands

Part 1

Intro 0:37

Exciting chapter. Be with me and hear my advice to feel femininity

Lesson 48: Preparation for the training 4:13

Prepare to be with me. The technique of movement and imagination will be very much needed for us

Lesson 49: Hand on the chest 4:30

Add hands on the chest

Lesson 50: Arm to the front 3:42

Shoulders plus arms to the front.

Lesson 51: Arm to the side 3:25

Shoulders and arms to the side

Lesson 52: Preparation to the Shimmy 3:02

How to make Shimmy Shimmy

Lesson 53: Shimmy 4:44

We learn how to do Shimmy Shimmy

Part 2

Lesson 54: Add extra contrary movement 3:49

Try your skill. Advanced body action but gives you lots of possibilities

Lesson 55: Extra contrary movement drill 4:35

Try your skill. Advanced body action but gives you lots of possibilities

Hips transfer with tap On1 2:16

Hips transfer with tap plus CBL On1 2:19

Cha Cha in Cbl On 1 3:32

Clave ON1 in Basic 3:31

Clave On1 in CBL 3:35

Circle & Head On1 in Basic 2:29

Circle & Head On1 in CBL 2:17

Side Step On 1 in CBL 2:23

Side basic On1 2:20

Circle second option ON1 in CBL 2:17

Double Circle on1 in CBL 2:27

Circle after right turn On1 in CBL 3:31

In La Epoca home 2:40

In our course, I use the beautiful music of one of the best musicians in the world from New York, Josue La Epoca. His songs can be purchased at Itunes, Amazon, Spotify.

Tumbao code 2/3 Clave 4:20

Thanks to this code, you will learn to sing your moves. You will feel really the dynamics of salsa

Tumbao 3/2 Clave 2:56

Thanks to this code, you will learn to sing your moves when in Salsa have bass on 1. You will feel really the dynamics of salsa.

Multi training 2/3 Clave 5:10

You will learn how to count and sing to feel more.



You must know that I am not throwing you a proposal for a casual tactician.
I give you a SYSTEM!

And you will get a lifetime access to the course!

Average review rating:

Marta Łukasik

Absolutely amazing man with passion, good vibes and huge knowledge!
He opens your mind beyond what you are familiar with; reminds you what a beautiful conversation dancing can be! He has a generous nature towards other people and wants you to be the best you can be and to shine.
If you want to take your dancing to another level and develope your own talent he is definitely the right person to learn with.
He is my inspiration and I am glad I could meet him on my dancing path!

Alain Hornesch

Mek really is a gem, he is someone who inspires you with his vibrant attitude. I really recommend his online work, its some of the best. I have purchased his online master classes which are, in my eyes one of the best things available.
He truly has a deep understanding of natural movements, which has opened my eyes. Forget free apps and commercial dance related crap, do yourself a favor and treat yourself on a big smile through watching his video's and by participating in his classes. Cheers Mek, keep it up!

Nani Garcia Giles

I love see your wokshops. I would like the opportunity to receive a class from you. It's very valuable a teacher so prepared that also has those qualities teaching. It's perceived that the students are relaxed learning in your class and they get more progress in the dance. Your technique is perfect and facilitates the evolution of your students. A 10 for you!! Do you plan to give workshops in Spain? Thanks a lot for beautifying the dance!!

Jean-Luc Lambs

AWESOME!! A Must for all Dancers 🙂
I live in Australia and I got referred to this guy by my friend and well respected Salsa Dancer Roberto Paul who highly recommended Mek.
This guy does so many 2-3 min video as a teaser on how to become a better dancer all round. Captain Salsa teaches everything from how to transfer your energy and connect as a dancer , how to dip , to spin , fundamentals , styling , footwork , body movements , isolations , dance etiquette , you name it , this guy has a video for it. I like that he uses science and philosophy that I still have not seen other people use in their teaching.
Dancers it is worth following and liking this guy page. I am sure you will learn and gain a lot from this guy , if you are a social dancer to performer/competitor[...] Take your dancing to the next level and follow Captain Salsa.

Klaus Stumpf

I followed your MEK CaptainSalsa video samples you published in the last weeks and I like all of them. They are very good! Amazing! They are about dancing, not about "stepping"!
I wondered, if parts of the techniques you show in your videos were influenced from skills you might have got from AT (Alexander Technique).
I hope to have the chance to visit one of your workshops!

Gosia Newlyn

Brilliant class, yet another proof that ALL IS ONE! Przemek brings together his profound knowledge as not only a dancer, but also as an observer of life, working on the ideas of balance and openness, strength coming from kindness, true guidance based on inner trust and trusting your partner, the notion of "owning the space" around and within, not to mention the very physical aspects of dancing... [...] I'm absolutely thrilled with Przemek's deep, both philosophical and practical knowledge of how our bodies and minds work! This is in no way just a dance class. This is a class in itself !

Roland Stettler

A truly unique teacher. He explains details which i have never heard in any other courses/videos (and i have watched a looot of videos) which truly can advance you to the next level. His energy is always at a super high level and not only that, he radiates positive energy all the time so you cannot be anything else than happy when you watch his videos. I hope i will someday have the chance to do a private class with him in real life, i'm sure it would be an awesome hour of training.

Frédéric Pallier

Got a class from captain salsa in Leuven (Belgium). Body expression based on "theatrical technique". For me: totally fresh, totally new!

Ekin Bayıldıran

I found myself crying the other day watching his video about clave & salsa. This is a man of genuine passion, and from what I observe, a brilliant dancer and teacher. I love how he can't put words together properly since he is too damn excited and has emotional explosions while dancing. I hope he will inspire many more people and introduce them to salsa in the future.

Greg Gregory

I have been watching Mek's videos recently and am in awe at the depth and richness of his teaching. It is definitely another level.
He has influenced my dancing quite a bit in a short space of time. My confidence and understanding of the music has increased. Thank you!

Robert Huricano

First of all we really like your passion about dancing and teaching salsa. It is the first thing to get involved:) You are a great teacher, following your istructions it is easy to improve. And -of course- we like the way how you can interpret, feel and express musicality!

Jakub Klein

A great dancer, a passionate teacher. His approach is quite unconventional and it may take some time to understand it (or rather - to feel it), but it teaches you aspects others will not even mention. It teaches you to Dance.

Houria Hou

Since I discovered this teacher, I found again why I'm so in love with salsa.
He helps me to improve my technic and I learn a lot with his videos.
It was a pleasure to participate to his last bootcamp, and you can see how much he loves dancing and teaching. I wish I could assist one day to one of his class 🙂
He his the teacher I would have found when I began.
Thank you Mek for your enthusiasm and your generosity.

Katja Kliewer

I think this is a unique approach to look in detail at how body parts move and how they influence each other. I wish this approach would be more common! Very intrigued to find out if I can learn from videos! But then seems like you are coming to London? What would be the details? Would be good to have lessons in person!

Jakob Atrocious

The true Captain who took my soul and sailed into the deep ocean of passion to dance where mind and body were oneness. Thank you for this great experience and I hope more and more people will have such opportunity to feel the same.

Gaurav Kapil

I really like Mek's style and teaching attitude. It really is inviting to explore a lot more. Got his Video courses and have interacted with him a few times. Hope to learn a lot more from him

Thomas Goossens

I had a workshop of Mek in Leuven, belgium on Men styling. It was a totally new way of dancing for me. Poempadampam! . I recommend his videos on musicality, they helped me a lot.

Recks Rodriguez

saw this guy on a random fb post and I must say that I truly enjoy seeinf his methods of teaching as well as rhe passion that he clearly teaches with. It is defenitely a breath of fresh air.

Do Mi

It is a pleasure to watch it! You should do it to the end of the World! And for sure!!!! ONE DAY MORE!!!

Theodora Kalavesis

This guy is so talented! He is doing great job and he try to make everyone to dance again even from a distance! Keep up man!

Tina Dodgson

26 August- I love to watch how Mek teaches. He shows methodical methods that help to improve physicality and technique. I look forward to being able to access one of his classes personally.

Karen Salsa McQuire

Love watching these inspirational videos, love the theory behind it, just need to find a man with some oranges.

Silva Zakian

What a great initiative and so much to discover from your technique! Very inspired and inspiring, I look forward to discover more here!

Jelena Mosic

I saw somehow one video on facebook, liked his teaching technique, energy, attitude, started following his page, and till then, I hope I will find him somewhere on the dancefloor, and get some classes.

Bram Luyten

His men styling workshop in Leuven was one of the best and funniest I attended up until now.

Nathan Goulbourne

His awesome video snippets alone whet the appetite to learn from this guy. In London any time soon?

Snježana Cindrić Lukačević

amezing instructions for technik, orange is the best

Raquel F Romero

Love the videos you post on Facebook, detailed and interesting - not many do this, more please!

This is what you get!


5 chapters,
4 hours of knowledge,
more than 60 video materials,


Lifetime access to the course


System to get to the point you want

Bonus videos

Hips On1
How to count in song and How to count with the tumbao code
How to sing tumbao code
Multiple training
Free song by Josue Joseph La Epoca
and more

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