How to dance to the Salsa rhythm?

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Captain Salsa

The course is intended only for Salsa instructors and very advanced dancers.

123 567 it’s the only the System! Open your mind!
If you want to get stuck in numbers it’s your business! But the competition is not sleeping and developing! Be the first!

Part one, 75 minutes
Part two 30 minutes

Do you teach advanced groups and are stuck only in figures?
I will show you how rhythms work in Salsa and how your footwork and body movement will jump into a master level.
Trening zawiera teorie i praktykę
1. How do you recognize a song is 2/3 or 3/2 Clave?
2. Training on how to find the 3 most important rhythms: Clave, Bass, Tumbao
3. How to dance: Basic Step, Side Basic Step, Suzie Q, Tornado Turn in three rhythms
4. How to combine rhythms and play with music!

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